Frequently Asked Questions

What are the seasons and weather conditions?
For detailed climate charts and weather information for Margaret River click here

Distance and travel time from Perth?
It’s roughly 290kms from Perth to Margaret River and it takes around 3 hours (non-stop). The speed limit varies (maximum 110kmh) and we urge drivers to watch out for signs and to take care, particularly at dusk (and south of Bunbury) when kangaroos can be out and about.

What style of property is this?
It’s a 20 hectare (50 acre) block with stands of mature Jarrah, Marri, Banksia, Peppermint, Western Woody Pear and Snottygobble. Our 8 cottages are located at the northern end of the block, with bush between so as to maintain privacy. Access to the property is via a 600 metre tree-lined roadway which runs between pasture and grazing lands.

What’s behind the name?
Greg & Mary Bussell established the business in 1986 and, on taking ownership from 16 October 2001, we decided the name should stand. The Bussell name is synonymous with the region, for a variety of reasons.

What are the office hours?
Our managers fulfil a part-time role and the office is only officially open between 8am and 10am. At other times, they may be undertaking cleaning and other duties on the property, or be out collecting provisions. Unless prior arrangements have been made, arriving guests can collect their key from the notice board at the office door and proceed to the cottage number as shown. In such instances, we would ask that you visit the office between 8 and 10am on the following day – to complete registration requirements. In an emergency, the manager will be available via telephone - 9757 2292.

What are the property speed limits?
We have a 20kmh speed limit along the driveway however, once you enter the property, it reduces to 10kmh – to keep noise levels down, whilst maintaining a safe environment for animals and children. Any intending guests who do not believe they can comply are (respectfully) encouraged to choose another property.

Can we bring pets?
No! This is a gazetted “Land for Wildlife” and “Wildlife Land Trust” sanctuary and pets are strictly forbidden. We can, however, recommend our sister property (Margaret River Hideaway & Farmstay) which does accept dogs – see

Can we bring children?
Yes, we love seeing well-behaved children around the property. We do ask, however, that parents oversee the activities of their youngsters and encourage them to play on the gravel forecourt in front of the cottage and along the walk trails. Please note that we do not provide playground equipment.

What are the cottages like?
Our 8 cottages are constructed with rammed-earth walls and galvanised-iron rooves. They’re simple in design, with a bedroom at each end, a living / dining area in between, a kitchen and bathroom (with shower) at the rear and a covered verandah at the front. They’re compact, but ideal for short term accommodation.

What facilities are there within the cottages?
All cottages have an open-plan living area (with fully-equipped kitchen, dining suite for 6, living room furniture, TV / DVD player, hair dryer and pot-belly stove), 2 bedrooms, a bathroom which is shared between all guests and a front verandah.
The bedrooms each have an open wardrobe and offer several different configurations including Double Queen (Cottages 5 & 6), Queen + 2 Singles (Cottages 3, 4, 7 & 8) and Queen + 2 sets of double bunks (Cottages 1 & 2). Each bedroom has a 4 point power board, to enable guests to charge their devices and operate equipment. All linen is supplied and beds are made up.
In the bathroom, there’s a vanity unit, shower and toilet; and we supply towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner and toilet paper.
On the spacious front verandah is an outdoor setting and a gas-fired BBQ, whilst the back verandah has a clothesline and supplies of firewood (except between mid-December and late-March when there is a total fire ban).
It’s important to note that when guests book for 1 or 2 persons, it is on the basis of 1 bedroom and the 2nd will be locked. Guests requiring the use of the 2nd bedroom are required to pay the Extra Bed rate.

What provisions are provided within cottages?
This is a self-catering property however, to assist guests on the morning after their arrival, we provide a “starter” breakfast, consisting of 1 small packet of cereal (per person), milk, orange juice, slices of bread (for toasting), spreads and sachets of coffee, tea, sugar, salt and pepper. Beyond this, guests must cater for all their own food requirements, there being 3 supermarkets and numerous food outlets within 5kms.
We also provide supplies of toilet paper, soaps, shampoo and conditioner. Additional supplies of toilet paper can be obtained from the office.
Replacement towels can be requested after 4 days; and a mid-stay clean is offered when guests stay 7 (and more) nights. We do not provide a daily clean and guests are expected to maintain the cottage throughout their stay.

How are the cottages heated and cooled?
Between mid-May & mid-September, the temperature in Margaret River drops significantly and locals dress warmly and for comfort rather than style. During this period (in living rooms), guests can choose between reverse-cycle air-conditioning and very efficient pot-belly wood fires - which would normally be lit around 5pm, kept topped up with wood through the evening, then closed before slipping off to bed.
Between mid-September and mid-April, the cottages are (mostly) comfortable through the day and can be cooled down by opening doors & windows. Only the security-conscious will find it necessary to use the air-conditioning unit in the living rooms. There are ceiling fans, also, in the living and bed rooms (other than the double bunk bedrooms in Cottages 1 & 2).
For all but December, January & February, warm clothing is recommended for the evenings.
Please note that there’s a total fire ban in place between mid-December and late March and firewood will be removed from cottages.

What style of pillows and bedding?
We supply microfibre pillows and quilts, as well as blankets. Guests from Western Australia might wish to bring along their own pillows to get the most from their stay as experience tells us that what’s good for one is not necessarily good for another. Hard beds as to soft beds, fluffy pillows as to hard pillows…sorry folks, but we can’t cater to particular fancies.

Is there free Wi-Fi?
We're a somewhat remote bush block (with lots of trees), nevertheless we do have Fixed Wireless Broadband and our IT guru has installed boosters around the property. As a result, there’s reasonably stable Wi-Fi available in and around the cottages. Guests are provided with free access for up to 4 devices for the period of their stay and there’s certainly enough capacity for e-mail and internet surfing. Every now and then there can be a glitch and we might temporarily lose connection, however the system brings it back up pretty quickly, so there's no need to get anxious. Just a warning folks…if you visit thinking that you can do what you do in the “big smoke,” you’re bound to be disappointed.

Is there mobile connectivity?
Again, because of the trees and the distance to the nearest tower, range is limited. Those who need to make a call usually wander over towards the manager’s residence where there appears to be a Telstra hot spot, or along the driveway where the situation improves. And, of course, there’s now the opportunity to make calls via Wi-Fi.

What is it you feel we should know?
Bussells Bushland Cottages is a getaway, a retreat, a place where you can cast off your every day cares and regather your strength. It’s not somewhere you should come if you have expectations of anything glitzy or glamorous. In good weather, you will probably sit outside with a cup of tea or a glass of wine; and stroll around the walk trails noting our wonderful trees, flowers, birds and animals. In winter, you will most likely stoke up the wood fire and relax inside while the rain hits the roof with enthusiasm. We’re a gazetted “Land for Wildlife” & “Wildlife Land Trust” sanctuary, so you won’t mind if a possum drops on to your roof at 5am, or if you see a skink or goanna (neither will hurt you by the way) strolling around.
You will LOVE having kangaroos lolling within view of your cottage and bounding through our bush block.

What birds do you have?
The birdsong in the early morning can be quite strong as our gorgeous Splendid Fairy Wrens skitter around looking for breakfast. Other varieties you might see include Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, Red-Winged Fairy Wren, White-Eared Honeyeater, Willie Wagtail, Western Rosella, Red Wattlebird, Common Bronzewing, White-Naped Honeyeater, Southern Boobook Owl, Ring-Necked Parrot, Galah, Australian Magpie, Great Fantail, Laughing Kookaburra, New Holland Honeyeater, Silvereye, Long-Tailed Black-Cockatoo, White-Browed Scrubwren and Scarlet Robin. Within each of the cottages, we provide a pictorial depiction of all the afore-mentioned.

What animals are there on the property?
We share the bush block with mobs of kangaroos, possums, brush-tailed phascogales (wambengers), bandicoots and a variety of other lesser animals. Please note that you should not attempt to approach or feed the animals as they’re wild and may cause injury. Leave them be and they’ll be happy to stay around the cottages.

Is there a laundry?
We have a shared, coin-operated, washer and dryer behind the manager’s residence. The washing machine requires 3 X $1.00 coins to operate and the dryer requires 1 X $1.00 coin per 10 minute cycle. Back at the cottage, there’s a clothes line on the back verandah and a clothes rack, ironing board and iron inside.

Where does the water come from?
We’re a rural property and rely (solely) on spring water and captured rainfall. This is collected in our soak / dam, pumped through filtration systems, passed through ultra-violet lamps then stored in tanks before being gravity-fed to the cottages. Water is a critical issue and we do ask that guests restrict showering time.

How is waste water treated?
At considerable expense, we’ve installed Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) between Cottages 1/3, 5/7 and 6/8; and will attend 2/4 in due course. These ATUs filter and treat the waste water before pumping it out to the bush.
Note: You should flush toilet paper down the toilets – BUT NOTHING ELSE!

Anything else we should know?
Bussells Bushland Cottages operates at a year-round average occupancy of over 80% and with no stays fewer than 2 nights. We have a very high rating as reported by Trip Advisor and the main on-line booking engines, so we’re confident that we’re meeting the market’s expectations. But that’s not to say we will satisfy everyone and have to leave it to consumers to make a considered choice.

How long should we stay?
The average length of stay at Bussells Bushland Cottages is 3.23 nights however guests have told us (via questionnaires) that their preferred stay is nearer to 6. Perhaps that means you should try, by all means possible, to extend your stay by a night longer than you had initially thought.

Where can we access information relating to the region and to sightseeing?
Guests are entitled to a 15% off the costs of sightseeing / winery tours via our associate (All about Margaret River). We recommend you e-mail to lay ot your plans and to claim your discount. 

For other information, check with the Margaret River Visitor Centre on (08) 9780 5911 or visit their website

We trust this information has been useful.

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